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Sacred Dance

     Dancing and spirituality have long been united. Dance was the first form taken by women to worship and connect with the Divine and to the ancestors. A reverential art form, dance and ritual create community, drawing people together emotionally and physically. As everyone participates, no one is a stranger anymore. We’re all companions on the same journey.

     Dance is history told through folk dances and folk music.  Viewing history through dance tells us truer things about cultures that’s not found in books because dances don’t lie.

     Our bodies dance what cannot be articulated. Sacred dance marks life’s passages – birth, marriage, loss and grief. Dancing is also a form of entertainment, a way to socialize and exercise; body movement being the Universal language of humankind.

     As it was in ancient cultures, dancing is my sacred offering. When I move my body in sacred dance, my ego is surrendered. My body is completely present while curiously exploring new organic ways to move, completely electric and completely connected to the Divine.

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Music and rhythm find their way into secret places of the soul.     - Plato

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