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About Kelly Thomke

     My love of exploration began after my mom and I moved to the US Virgin Islands in 1973. The land was much different than what I was used to in Massachusetts. The plants and trees, the critters that roamed as freely as I did, the smell & feel of the salty moist air, the bright colors everywhere; it all felt so alive! My six-year-old self loved and appreciated all of it and made it a habit to explore my environment whenever I could.

    No matter what part of the continent I lived, I tended to give some attention to the flora and fauna around me. I now live in Pennsylvania, where there are four seasons, which means Earth’s cycle of birth to death to renewal is so much more evident. You cannot help but see Earth's amazing rhythm!

"Right now I am a woman who loves passionately,

cries easily, laughs quickly, and randomly breaks out in song lyrics or movie quotes."

     Music has also been prevalent in my many environments. So many genres and styles and tempos and flavors. If I hear it or see it, I can feel it in my body. If it feels good, it stays and helps decorate my soul.


     I've been blessed with many teachers, most don’t even realize their luminous effect on the mosaic that is me. I believe that every person, every animal, every tree has something to teach. I believe we all learn from each other and that we are all worthy of sharing parts of ourselves.

     I am also a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a JourneyDance™ facilitator, a sacred dance facilitator, a certified crystal healer, a scrapbooking devotee, a doer and lover of all things creative, and a lover of our Mama Earth.

     My passion for learning has connected me to some wonderfully gifted teachers of dance, yoga, reflexology, Reiki, Angelic Healing, the Divine Feminine, art therapy, aromatherapy, and herbology, crystal therapy, and shamanism. I’m eternally grateful that they willingly shared their knowledge. In turn, my sharing with others makes me happy to engage in the rhythm of paying it forward.

About Earth Rhythm Sacred Dance

     I envision a world of harmony, where the human body is a sacred vessel, vibrant and unique, where communities come together in love, acceptance, and shared understanding, and where the connection between earth, animals, and humans is recognized and celebrated.  And it all involves the dance.


"Sacred dance is a catalyst for spiritual growth and change."

Iris Stewart

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