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The Presence of
the Divine Feminine

     We are living in a time of great change and of great potential. For thousands of years, we have lived in a world where all things feminine have been diminished. Things like war, dominance, hierarchy, power-mongering, and competitive money-driven behaviors are the shadow side of a masculine dominant world. Fear is the result.

     Enter the Divine Feminine. She was never gone, just hidden or forgotten. But She’s needed now and She is making her presence known. We are needed now to step forward and realize our divinity and our humanity. We are needed now to help to rebalance the masculine and feminine energies upon our beautiful planet.

     We can do this by going within to understand ourselves on another level. Doing this leads to compassion and love. More femininity in the world has more harmony and partnership and honors both feminine and masculine.

Spiral image CC0 public domain license.jpg

     Changes are needed and they begin with us, Sister. As so many of us are feeling called to embody a new way of life, the Divine Feminine is calling to us to remember that we are sovereign and sacred.

     Are you in?

     Join me in conversation about the Divine Feminine Presence.

We're either growing or stagnating - there is no standing still in all of nature - even rocks erode and move in geological time.        Keep moving.                                                                   - Lola Jones

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