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So what is JourneyDance?

JourneyDance™ is loosely guided, freestyle, conscious dance. What you discover when you’re in the dance, is freedom.


It’s freedom from judgement, from yourself or others because when your body starts moving your brain quiets.  It’s freedom to connect with your inner-child and with others.  It’s freedom to move in any way you feel. Yes, JourneyDance™ is wild, delicious, infinite freedom!


Come Dance With Me!

     I lead dances in different locations throughout Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Take a look at the schedule to find one that interests you.

     There are hundreds of JourneyDance facilitators all over the globe sharing this juicy dance. I invite you to visit the JourneyDance website to find one near you.

Custom Journey Dance

     Consider celebrating your next special occasion with a JourneyDance™.

     We will work together to create a private event for women or co-ed groups to honor and celebrate whatever you want; from birthdays to team-building exercises to life events, like bachelorette parties or menopause.


Contact Kelly for more info:

Here is the fabulous

Toni Bergins talking about

"How to dance like no one is watching"

     JourneyDance is for everybody and every body. All are welcome. Our dance floor is drug free, alcohol free, drama free, and wild & free.

     Please arrive a few minutes early, dress for movement and happiness, and bring a water bottle.

     Payment may be made in person, but do register online, whenever it's possible.

Kelly's Journey to Dance

     I am a dancer, a lover of creative and expressive arts, and a tree hugger from way back.  My yoga practice led me to JourneyDance™ where things started to make sense.  As I floated through the room during my first dance led by Toni Bergins, JourneyDance™ creator, my body remembered, “I’m a dancer!  I love to dance!”  And so, at the age of forty-four with a husband and three children, my journey began.

     For me, JourneyDance™ has been a spark to re-ignite my inner flame that, over the years, had dimmed.  My JourneyDance™ practice has enhanced my creativity, it has revitalized my body, and it has given me an avenue to dance through my emotions and really connect with myself, with the people around me, and with our magnificent Earth.

     I love how we can lose ourselves in the music, completely surrendering to its rhythms. To move and be moved, without fear and with whatever uneasiness lives within, being held and seen, this is the dance. And when the music stops, we want more. Yeah, it’s that delicious. 

     My passion is to hold safe and supportive spaces where people of all ages come together to dance and realize their own inner spark and cultivate it so that it grows to a fierce fire of love and compassion to be shared with the world.    

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