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Thursday, December 8, 2022 7pm

Yuletide Wreath Decorating

Cozily magical is how I would describe the holiday season of my dreams. In recent years, I’ve gotten pretty close to that. Certainly not when the kids were little…that was chaos wrapped around a candy cane. As I’ve taken time to fully appreciate the Yuletide and it’s meaning, I find that when I stop and look around at the symbolism and listen to the music I feel transported back to a simpler time and cozily magical. A time when the turning of the wheel was celebrated. Hooray for the return of light! The days will once again grow longer until the Summer solstice comes ‘round. For now, I welcome the chilly air and extra layer of clothing as I bring some of the Yuletide symbolism into my home by way of decorating.

One of the most popular holiday decorations is the wreath. Hung on doors, wreaths greet you as you cross the threshold and enter the building. Do you know why they’re hung so prominently and what they represent? I do and I’d love to share that with you as I help you create your own magical wreath to hang on your front door this Yuletide.

All supplies will be provided. Space is limited so sign up soon!

Fee: $35

We are gathering at Complete Wellness.

Located at The Atrium, 127 S 5th St, Quakertown, PA

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