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October 19 - 23, 2022
Long Beach Island, New Jersey

Not very long ago, women gathered. It was a natural and regular part of their daily lives. They shared their stories, pieces of their hearts, dreams and struggles which opened the space for them to learn from each other and embrace life fuller than if they did not gather at all. You see, the gathering also offered women the opportunity to connect at the spiritual, mental, and emotional levels.


When women gather magic happens. I invite you to imagine a small gathering of women at the beach learning, sharing, laughing, dancing, connecting at a soul level. Now imagine that you are there sitting amongst this radiant circle of women eager to learn and share and connect. If this resonates in your heart and womb space, read on for an opportunity to gather with women.


There has been much talk lately about the feminine and how she shows up and is presented and represented in our society. The Divine Feminine resides in all living things and is symbolized as water, sound, and the earth, herself. She is emotion and creativity, nurturing, and compassion. The energy is slow, deliberate, and grounding.


We will delve into the aspects of the Divine Feminine through the lens of curiosity and self-discovery. We will connect to and honor Mother Earth and the elements with beach walks feeling the sand, salt air sprays, and the ocean at our feet. We will experience sound as medicine as we listen to music and move our rhythmic bodies. There will be space to be playful and time to spend with your soul.


The energy coming together around this unique experience is magical and deeply transformative. Within it is the opportunity for connection, heart opening, and greater understanding of your life’s sacred journey. We would love to have you join us and create harmony.

We will be staying at My Blue Haven beach house on Long Beach Island, New Jersey, October 19 – 23, 2022.


Your journey includes 4 nights of accommodations*

2 delicious meals a day

Daily practices, teachings, and experiential activities


*If you are traveling with a friend or family member and are interested in sharing a room, please let us know after registration via the survey sent out in the Welcome Packet.



Hosted by:

Kelly Thomke

Kelly has been gathering women for over twenty years with the intention of connecting hearts and souls in the Feminine way.