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Come, love, follow the path of flower petals and scent of roses. Come to this place where you remember beauty. A space where you feel your feminine soul awakening in joy and pleasure. A safe space illuminated with warmth and love to feel awakened, alive, familiar. Here within the Compass Rose we explore and practice being empowered, free and deeply feminine at the same time, holding the vision of a fully realized, awakened female expression on Earth.


There was a time when women ruled the planet.  All was well until the feminine ego replaced the heart and the masculine decided to take charge. For over two thousand years, we have lived in a patriarchal society. Like the feminine society before it, the ego has taken the foreground and an imbalance is where we are now. Sister, it is time for us to regain our power. It is time for us to let our collective voice be heard once again, but this time differently. As history shows us, completely feminine or completely masculine isn't sustainable. What is needed now is a harmonious balance of feminine and masculine.


How do we achieve this? By talking with each other, opening the dialogue of how it is to be you, tearing down the invisible walls of separation because sister, we are all one. We are all connected by our heart's vibration to each other.  My heart to your heart to her heart to his heart. When the heart connection is realized we are open to kindness and compassion. 


The higher purpose of the Circle of Women is to support a whole, healthy and fully flowering woman that embodies the love that is her deepest essence. The gift of the Circle of Women to the world is the allowing, embracing and giving birth to a fully

expressed, divine, feminine essence.


When your heart responds, beloved sister, I will meet you on the path and we will walk together to the Compass Rose Circle of Women.


Our Circle comes together each Wednesday, 7 – 9 pm where topics and experiences will vary from the Divine feminine to nutrition to creativity to dance to our changing bodies to so much more. As in all things feminine, the Circle will evolve, flow and grow with all who are present.  


There is no fee to enter Compass Rose. I invite you to contribute from your heart; a sacred exchange asking you give to the Circle so you may receive.


Complete Wellness is a gift to our community as it is a font of skillful wellness practitioners who are ready to help you on your path to healthy body, mind, and soul.  I invite you to visit their website: 

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