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The Presence of the Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine is felt.

She is Hawk gliding on the air currents

She is hungry like Dragonfly

She is Vulture always at the ready to clean up

She is rose gold and magenta and colors you don’t know yet

She’s an enveloping hug and Cat’s constant purr

She’s the scent of Spring and the breeze that moves your hair in Autumn

She is the giggle on your lips and whispers in your ear

She’s the hay that scratches your skin and the oil that soothes it

She’s that song dancing on your shoulders

She’s the laughter rising from your belly

She is the bottom of your foot as it greets the dirt

She’s the drumbeat in your hips

She is the love so great you can hardly bear it and an all-consuming sadness

She’s the ache in your womb and the longing in your tears

She’s the anger erupting from your throat that screams of the injustices against Earth and her people

She’s the snowflakes on your lashes and the sunshine warming your cheeks

She is the love in animals’ eyes

She is Ocean’s waves cleansing your soul

She’s the tall mountains and trees reminding you of majesty

She’s a thorn on the rose bush reminding you that you are alive

The Divine Feminine is unconditional love

She is you and She is me


Journey Dance

     JourneyDance™ is loosely guided, freestyle, conscious dance. You discover when you’re in the dance, is freedom.  It’s freedom from judgement, freedom from your monkey brain because when your body starts moving your brain quiets. 
     It’s freedom of expression, freedom to move in any way you feel.  JourneyDance™ is freedom…wild, delicious, infinite freedom.

Sacred Dance

     Movement from the heart that bridges mind, body and soul, Sacred Dance is inward, purposeful, meaningful, and filled with juicy goodness. It’s a profound expression of self-love that, when done regularly, will help you to show up better and brighter in the world, and more authentically you.

     Sacred Dance is a moving meditation. There are no steps to follow, and the only requirement is a willingness to be present.

anahata dancers.jpg

"The dancer knows it has been worth the effort to be able to hear the music through her body, to be ruled by the rhythm, to express that which is inexpressible. When we arrive at this place, we are connecting with the music and the mystical and the ethereal, surrendering to a power that uses us as a willing instrument. We are danced."

      -Iris J. Stewart

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