Schedule of Happenings


JourneyDance with Kelly

Come dance with me!



I'm very happy and honored to offer JourneyDance at so many wonderful studios.  They are carefully chosen for their nurturing warmth and beauty.  


JourneyDance is for everyBody. All are welcome. Our dance floor is drug free, alcohol free, drama free, and wild & free.

Please arrive a few minutes early, dress for movement and happiness, and bring a water bottle.

Payment may be made in person, but do register online, whenever it's possible.






Compass Rose - Circle of Women


Sisters, do you thirst for connection with other women who, like you, have a need for growth and community? I invite you to take your place in the circle of feminine wisdom, energy, and love. A safe place to be and become, with nothing to prove, a place to listen to yourself and others intently.

Our circle is open to all women and will meet each Wednesday from 7 till 9 pm at Complete Wellness in Quakertown.


A heart contribution or donation is welcome as there is no fee to enter the Compass Rose circle.

I am looking forward to sitting in the circle with you
















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